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Christine Power presents at Falling Walls Lab in Berlin, November 2011

The Falling Walls Lab took place on the 8th of November, 2011 in Berlin, Germany, the day before the main Falling Walls Conference on the 9th of November. The Conference itself had a number of big name speakers from different fields ( The idea of the event was to connect people from different research areas to look at global challenges and to make research understandable to a broad audience.

The Falling Walls Lab has the same objective, bringing together 100 young researchers from across Europe to give a 3 minute presentation on their research and how it can deal with some of the global challenges faced in today’s world. Christine Power from the Hydro-BPT project team was one of the lucky presenters, as they were chosen on a competition basis. As part of their selection, they were also given passes to the main conference. Christine’s presentation gave an overview of the problems facing the wastewater industry (high emissions, energy costs etc) and how hydropower as a possible solution to this.

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Publication date: 4 March 2013

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