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Hydro-BPT team meets with National Trust Wales – Sharing expertise and information for micro-hydropower installations


On the 30th of May, some of the Bangor Hydro-BPT team met with representatives from National Trust Wales: Keith Jones and Paul Southall, who are Environmental Advisors for the Trust and involved in all forms of renewable energy installations in Wales. For more information regarding the projects carried out by the National Trust in Wales, visit the website and Keith’s blog updates.


Hydro-BPT Bangor & Welsh National Trust 


Hydro-BPT Bangor & Welsh National Trust




Both groups met as they shared a similar interest; they share a common desire to assess the environmental impact of MHP installations. The hydro-BPT team are currently carrying out life cycle assessments (LCAs) for hydro installation in the water industry infrastructure, but working with the National Trust can allow for the assessment of the environmental impacts of run-off-river hydro installations and provide a value for the ‘environmental payback’ in addition to the ‘economic payback’. For more information click here.


Both the Hydro-BPT Bangor University team and National Trust Wales are very interested in the outcome and results from this project.

Publication date: 18 June 2013

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